Survey Review Q1-4 Tech Readiness

Start Page - Zip Code (location) Question

No changes from me.

Page Two - Questions 1 through 4

1. No change. Are we determining whether they have access or whether they "own" or "borrow" their access? If we are determining only whether or not they have access, it looks good.
2. Just wondering if this question begs a "(typically a smart phone)" insertion after "personal mobile hotspot." I'm okay with or without it.
3. "Person" should be "Personal," and I'm not sure reviewers will know whether to check the "Yes" radio button so that question number four appears.
4. No changes. The qualifier for this question being "own AND use" not just one or the other, but both requirements must be met.

Page Three - Speed Test and Questions 5 through 6

No changes.

Page Four - Demographics and Questions 7 through 10

7-10. I know we've talked about this, but just making a note here that the review and final approval of the language for these questions must come from ODHE.

End of Survey Feedback

I think we're moving in the right direction.

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