Survey Review Q1-4 Tech Readiness

Page Two - Questions 1 through 4

#3...I think it should read "personal device" (not person device)

General...I don't have a specific idea on how to fix this, but I do think a point that was made on the call hasn't been fixed here yet...and that is a person may answer questions #1 and #3 affirmatively, but the answers may not be adequate. For instance, they could answer "yes" to #1, but it is because they go to the library, which doesn't tell us what we need to know. I'm less concerned about #3, but the answer could be "yes", but they have limited availability because of sharing with family members also engaged in work/online learning. (Perhaps we could have an option that is "yes but" In other words, they have access but only part-time because of sharing among others in the household.)

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