Survey Review Q7-10 Demographics

Start Page - Zip Code (location) Question

Consider adding "where you participate in live classes / class streams" so students consider sharing the location where they are live streaming.

Do you care if the students participate live from one location and complete class assignments from another? If yes, consider how to let them enter a second zipcode

Page Two - Questions 1 through 4

For question 2, students/adult learners may not equate "personal mobile hotspot" to their phone. Other idea for wording... "Do you use a personal mobile hotspot or cell phone data tethering to access...."

For question 3, do you want to know if their personal device has a camera / microphone? If yes, consider adding a statement like " participate in live video sessions for class"

Page Three - Speed Test and Questions 5 through 6

edits to consider:

"Please wait approximately 20 seconds while we test the internet speed test runs of your connection. When it is complete, you will see your download and upload speeds from your current location."

Do you want to give them any context about the results? XXX download / upload speeds are sufficient to participate in a live video class without delays?

You may not even need to go into specifics about what is good/bad. Sometimes just giving them succinct info about what the download / upload speeds mean might be useful. Download speed means XXXX, Jitter means XXX, Ping means XXX, Upload means XXX. An opportunity to build internet literacy! of a group of learners!

End of Survey Feedback

simple questions -- great!! This is coming together really well after a lot of thoughtful deliberation 🙂

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