Survey Review Q1-4 Tech Readiness

Start Page - Zip Code (location) Question

I would be interested in reading how you plan to explain the survey at its goals. If the intent is to understand where additional resources are needed or how we better support student’s in accessing reliable internet, it would be nice if this was made clear to those taking the survey. I know this is a huge concern of our students and the framing will of course impact whether they choose to participate.

Page Two - Questions 1 through 4

#2 – does the reference to personal mobile hotspot include a mobile phone? If it does, are they simply asking if they use their phone as a mobile hotspot or asking if they use their phone to access course content. Might be good to clarify: “Do you use a mobile hotspot to access class materials and complete class assignments? This could include a mifi device or the use of your cell phone as an internet hotspot for a laptop or tablet."
#2 – What is meant by “personal device”. Is this question asking if the student has access to a device to type documents, access class materials, etc? Or is it asking if they have access literally to their own personal device that they do not have to share with anyone?

Page Three - Speed Test and Questions 5 through 6

General feedback on the wording on page 3 – “ An internet speed test is going to run from your connection [add: to assess your internet service]. When it is complete…”

Page Four - Demographics and Questions 7 through 10

#7 -- The gender identity question is not inclusive. I would recommend a broader question that asks about gender identity, not gender. A sample question is pasted below:
What is your gender identity?
• Agender
• Genderqueer or Gender fluid
• Man
• Non-binary
• Trans Man
• Trans Woman
• Woman
• Preferred Identity (in addition to or not listed above) _____________
• Prefer not to disclose

End of Survey Feedback

Could we ask a question about the number of learners in the household that could be doing online learning and/or working from home; this could affect their internet speed and ability to do complete online learning.

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